Blueberries on the vine


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TroZih Specialises in Northern Highbush Blueberries in Particular;

  • Brigitta - An Australian (Victorian Ag Dept.) bred cultivar that is mid-late season depending on location and early summer temperatures. Very upright and vigorous bush. If left unattended can reach heights of 2.4m. Likes a higher amount of Chill Hours

  • Legacy
    Legacy is a mid-late season heavy cropping blueberry that produces medium-large light blueberries.

  • Denise
    Very large round fruit medium blue with red around the stem. Distinct tangy flavour. 


  • Nui
    This newer New Zealand bred variety produces heavy yields of exceptionally large blueberries with very good flavour. Good disease resistance.


  • Puru
    Puru is a heavy cropping Northern Highbush variety. The large light blue fruit has excellent quality and flavor.
    Northern Highbush varieties do not need a second variety for pollination purposes, however, a good yield will result if a second variety is planted nearby.


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